Bavarian ADCs

The newly arrived second ADC – the one on the right in the distinctive Bavarian raupenhelm, ie. not the bicorne!

It appears that he has been pulled from the more staid duties of an Infantry Regiment – perhaps IR 11 with the black facings piped red and the silver buttons – to perform the more flamboyant duties of an ADC. Rumour has it that his uncle pulled some strings to get our man assigned to his staff. Once again it isn’t what you know, but who you are related to!

The figures are both waiting for a varnish and the photograph is a little out of focus. Unbelievably both sets of rechargable batteries were flat – and that includes the theoretically reserve set – and only allowed the one photo. Perhaps the batteries are getting old having seen heavy duty on the overseas travels. You never know but von Peter himself may replace the photo at a later date.

The figures are from Front Rank. Chaps painted by Nigel Fun-nell, horses and basing by yours truly.

Until we meet again

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “Bavarian ADCs

  1. Mr Nigel has done a quite wonderful job vPH, very nice. I think these look a little better that the Foundry version of Bavarian Command pack.

    • I’ve obviously gone the Front Rank route for my Bavarians. The Front Rank figures fit in much better with my other Napoleonic armies than the smaller Foundry ones. The Front Rank figures were certainly better value for money when I got them quite a while ago. The Front Rank Bavarians come with built in variants – usually a repositioned head – for many of the more used codes/figures. Oh, and I quite like them. 8O)

      My guilty secret is that I have a pack of the Foundry Bavarian foragers hanging around. They’ll be used to add a bit of colour and interest to the vulgar brawling on the table top.

      von Peter himself

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