The old site is dead … long live the new blog … and eventually the new site … and Foundry shock

Not much to say really. von Peter’s original website has been chopped down now that Apple doesn’t host websites any more.

Foreign Exchange Rate Changes at Foundry – an unsexpected email from Foundry

Dear Sir/Madam,While you may not have noticed yet, things are changing at Foundry and we are the middle of a process of restructuring and reorganisation. This will include bringing back some old ranges and reintrodcuing some old packs that were inexplicably removed from others. This will all take some time but we want to return to being the company we once were. As a symbol of this we have reintroduced the English Civil War and Thirty Years War ranges.Although some of these things will take some time to put into place, one immediate change we have made is to make sure that those ordering from outside of the UK will pay the same price as everybody else. It was a particularly bad policy that we have rectified as of today, no matter where you live in the world you will not pay more than our domestic customers.

Watch out for further changes in the future.

yours faithfully,

Neil Littlewood

This email has already had quite an airing on the web. The fact that Foundry used to gouge us ‘Rest of the World’ customers used to cause a little bit of, ahhh, agitation. And then to also be told that VAT had already been deducted just rubbed salt in the wounds!

A shame because Foundry used to be the premier figure supplier. Then they lost their sculptors – all of whom seemed to be intent on setting up in competition, prices went up and casting quality went down. In the end they lost their position at the top of the figure manufacturing heap.

Time will tell what changes the future holds.

Until we meet again

von Peter himself

One thought on “The old site is dead … long live the new blog … and eventually the new site … and Foundry shock

  1. I was so stunned when the email arrived I tapped out a reply and posted it before engaging thought drive, and now a second email. Things are certainly changing for OS customers!

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