Less than a week left on the old site … and a few old Poles

Everyone’s leaving town, otherwise known as von Peter’s old site. And why not? It’s doomed and its doomsday is less than a week away!

As has been signalled for a while now the original website of von Peter himself at http://web.mac.com/nataliendpeter will cease to be after 30th June 2012 pdt (Pacific Daylight Time) as Apple will no longer host such sites.

So if there is anything over ‘there‘ that you liked you’d perhaps best hurry on over ‘there‘ for a final looksie before the end of June 30 2012.

The plan is still to create vonpeterhimself.com and at least some of the old site will be recreated there. But when this will be is still one of life’s great unknowns!

And as for the old Poles – if you’re a fan of the famed Polish Hussars you could do much worse than take a looksie at these pictures of ye olde Polish Hussars.

Until we meet again


von Peter himself


4 thoughts on “Less than a week left on the old site … and a few old Poles

  1. Thanks for the great pics. If someone did proper 28mm Polish Hussar minis I’d be beside myself.

    Are you familiar with the old US TV series “Little House on the Prairie”? If so, you could reenact the silly last episode where they blow up the town before leaving. Maybe use a building or two that never came out quite right…

    FYI – Still trying to work out the bugs of commenting and following wordpress blogs encase my name or anything shows up wonky. :-/

    • Hi Jason
      Yes they were great pictures of the Polish reenactors. A good friend used to have a Polish and a Muscovy army that were lovely to behold. We used to play them using the old Gush WRG renaissance rules. The Polish hussars were armed to the teeth and a real handful for the Muscovite army who couldn’t match them.

      I have vague memories of the “Little House on the Prairie” series with John-boy etc. Sadly the memories don’t incluse a town being blown up!

      No problems from my end with your WordPress usage.

      von Peter himself

  2. Hello vonPeter, Great pics as ever, and always different. A true gem on the blogsphere. Which leads me to say “great to see the blog up, shame to see the website go, long live the blog”.

    On the website it is probably a good idea to get it archived under the waybackmachine.org as a way of preserving something that has touched many a wargamer for humour and inspiration. Please do try and save it under the archive for websites scheme, I have always enjoyed visiting and reading your adventures of vonPeter, the clan and gaming and it resonates with me on a personal level as I too have a young’uns – two boys age 6 and 4 (hopefully they will become my gaming partners in the years to come).

    Best regards

    • Hell Extraordinary Dad

      Many thanks for the extremely kind words.

      One of the fortunate things to come out of the whole destruction of the website thing is that I have the old site sitting on my computer here at Schloss von Peter.
      This means that I can easily republish it in some form or other – hopefully improved – whenever I get the website vonpeterhimself.com up and running.

      Good luck with your boys. May they both become gaming partners in the years to come.

      von Peter himself

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