American Civil War refresher

Fighting for truth, justice and home made apple pie was the task assigned to von Peter himself last Sunday. He was transported back to the mid nineteenth century, clothed in blue and found himself desperately trying to keep his skin intact against the uncouth, slave keeping, nation splitting, vicious thugs known as the Confederacy.

Having licked their wounds after the last battle the dirty reb’s were back for more. Lead by their head henchman – General Raymond – Generals Colin and The son & heir were determined to lay waste to Union held territory just because they could and to get even. Fortunately for the residents of the county the forces of law and order under the command of Generals Craig, Michael & von Peter himself managed to catch the rampaging despoilers and force them to turn at bay around the two towns of Oaksville and Acorn Junction. The end of the day saw both Confederate flanks suffering severely, the centre battered and the position generally untenable. Well done those heroes in blue!  :lol:The ACW hadn’t been trotted out for a couple of months and with a game due in August it was considered high time that a refresher game was played.

Rules for the day were classic Piquet using the Hallowed Ground supplement. Venue provided by General Raymond – not such a bad chap when you prize him out of that Confederate uniform! – and scenario by General Craig. Photo by von Peter himself. There were meant to be many more photos but the rest were rubbish. A tripod would’ve helped immensely but even without the a tripod the percentage of successful photos was abysmal. Much worse than normal. Darn it! Still, if you click on that one photo at the top you’ll be able to see it in greater detail.

The game was played with gusto and enthusiasm as befits an ACW game and raced along. The son & heir was kind enough to continue a recently started role of appalling dice rolling which certainly aided von Peter’s enjoyment of the game. He’s a good lad really!

More ACW painting required out of Schloss von Peter … still. So much to do and paint – so little time and energy! A great haul of flags for the ACW project have recently arrived from GMB Designs. The thought of raising these miniature works of art will hopefully provide added impetus to the painting cause. Hopefully!!

Until we meet again


von Peter himself… totally unbiased war reporter of the American Civil War


8 thoughts on “American Civil War refresher

  1. Great stuff. All the more since Von Peter himself let Johnny Reb have it. And Von Peter junior would do well to remind himself of John F. Kennedy’s words when he was questioned for the umptieth time about Joe’s antics and his shady deals with the mob: ‘We all have fathers, don’t we?’

    • A not always quite so dutiful Son & heir … but no complaints in this game as he offered up his rebel butt to get spanked! 8O)

      Perhaps some Southern Fried Chicken would have been a more appropriate option?! 8O))

      von Peter himself

  2. Great stuff! I’m trying to get my 1813 Prussian project off the ground and I found myself pulling out my Foundry ACW figs yesterday… your post doesn’t help either. 🙂

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