June 18 – isn’t that some sort of anniversary?

If one were to check one’s history books and focus on the year 1815 in particular one would find that a rather famous battle occurred in that year on this day.

The Battle of Waterloo was the last major battle of the Napoleonic Wars – a favourite period of von Peter himself. As is well known the battle ended up as a three way battle with Napoleon and his French army against Wellington’s Anglo-Allied Army and Blücher’s Prussian army. Napoleon lost and effectively that was that for the Napoleonic Wars.

Waterloo is probably one of the most famous and well known battles of history. And that would most likely still be so even without Abba’s song of the same title! 

von Peter himself could have put up some of the famous images of British squares or massed French cavalry but he has decided to show two images of the fighting in and around Plancenoit. Well he would wouldn’t he!!

The lead picture shows the musketeers of the 2nd Prussian Infantry Regiment – the 1st Pomeranian – leading the attack on Plancenoit which finally forced the 1/2er Regiment de Chasseurs-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale to vacate the premises. Brush work by Carl Röchling.

The picture below by Adolf Northern shows Prussian infantry attacking into Plancenoit and illustrates the bitter nature of the fighting in the built up area.

Click either picture for a larger image.

Until we meet again …


von Peter himself


4 thoughts on “June 18 – isn’t that some sort of anniversary?

    • Thanks Ralph.

      Only half of Plancenoit! But how could this possibly be? Was the scenario designer one of those evil Francophiles – or worse – a Bonapartist? 8O)

      von Peter himself

  1. Nothing as Machiavellian as that – I suspect my men just weren’t well painted enough to perform at their best – The Silesian Jaegers on the other hand I’m very proud of and they fought like devils!

  2. One just has to admire this post. 😉

    I only recently took a peek in the 100 year old mega selling book that is “Die Geschichte des deutschen Befreiungskampfes” to find a print of Bluecher visiting London and being carried around by a cheering crowd.

    Both Pictures are very nice, even if (the more talented) Roechling was a bit of a romantic nationalist which is reflected in his work.

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