Pike & Shotte

There is a man in the Netherlands named Aart and he has a blog entitled Art of Warre ~ tabletop wargaming in 10mm. And on this blog Aart has placed a review of Warlord Game’s Black Powder derivative rules Pike & Shotte meant for the wargaming of 16th and 17th century warfare.

Warlord Games Pik & Shotte rules

von Peter himself found this to be an interesting read. Buried under von Peter’s gaming table in a state of hibernation is an English Civil War Scots Covenanter army. This army does not labour under the creative efforts of von Peter himself but was obtained as is from Paul Stairs many moons ago. In case of interest and until the end of June 2012 you can see more of this army on the soon to expire website.

Some of von Peter's English Civil War Scots Covenanters

A sampling of von Peter’s English Civil War Scots Covenanters

And before we leave Aarts blog make sure to check his Digital resources for wargamers. von Peter himself strongly suspects that there are some real gems to be found there.

Waste not, want not. A frugal Scot ensures that there s no wastage … apart from human life of course!

As always please click on the images to see larger versions of them.

Until we meet again …


von Peter himself


4 thoughts on “Pike & Shotte

  1. Thank you for the heads-up about my blog and for your kind remarks, Herr Von. How they ended up as prospective comments for my blog is frankly a mystery to me, but then I have long given up trying to understand the peculiar workings of the blogosphere. Anyway, your Scots Covenanters are a sight for sore eyes. Paul Stairs can be proud of his handiwork.


  2. Hello Aart. Nice to meet you as well as your ‘Art of Warre’ blog. I really do need to check out your ‘Digital resources for wargamers’ section.

    I forgot to thank you in my original post for explaining how Rick Priestley had auctioned off his hair! Sadly mine did not go to such a good cause. It just fell out – mostly after marriage and the process just accelerated with child birth! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  3. Peter that is one impresse army you have there. Scots would (and will) be my first choice as well!

    @Aart: It is quiete simple… You both have WordPress blogs and wordpress always tells you if another WordPress blog links a st to yours. Actually it does so when you own own blog links to a previous post which can be quiet annoying, since frankly… you know this since you did it yourself!

  4. Thank you, gentlemen. The image of a bald von Peter himself giving birth to a child might keep me awake for some nights, but such are the fruits of our sins – both his and mine. We shall always have our loyal metal soldiers to comfort us. And thanks to Burkhard I am now fully aware that anything I write on a blog can and will be used against me by perfect strangers. But then life, not unlike my digital resources section, is a work in progress.

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