Another Distinguished Chap … or ADC for short

A Bavarian ADC in scenic Bavaria

A Bavarian ADC dawdles through scenic Bavaria on his way to a distinctly unscenic front.
“Fetch me another bier … and quickly!”

For the uneducated – surely no one who reads this blog!   – this particular ADC hails from the Bavarian Army of Napoleonic vintage.

There is a second Bavarian ADC painted and patiently awaiting his horse and he will complete the Bavarian complement for the regime that von Peter himself has dreamed up for his ADC’s – namely two per army. Not that ADCs are usually used in our games. But von Peter himself has aspirations to use them in the future to ferry revised orders hither and thither as commanders desperately attempt to amend the flawed orders of their underlings. Alternatively they can be used as emergency command stands or just as decoration on the table top.

Miniatures from Front Rank. ADC painted by the official painter of things Bavarian for von Peter himself – Nigel Fun-nell. Horse and basing by von Peter himself – just to prove that he does actually do something for himself occasionally.

To see more of the Bavarians of von Peter himself then head over to the Bavarian Army Inspection page on the soon – end of June 2012 – to be deceased website. Perhaps the replacement site will be in existence by then.

Warhammer Historical shuts up shop

One thing about posting every now and then is that sometimes often any pretence of up to date newsiness is lost. And here’s a good example – Games Workshop have finally nailed the coffin lid shut on Warhammer Historical. Click here for the official announcement such as it is!

Fortunately von Peter himself is just too idle a chap to go on an extended monologue over this event but he did find this post on Tabletop Gaming News rather interesting …

Quoted from Yahoo group:

Re: Warhammer Historicals

From what I understand of these things it is very unlikely that GW will allow any of the WH line to pass into the hands of a third party.

It was Rob Broom (ex WH manager)that tried to buy WH – and I know of at least one other that also approached GW to do so. But not me:)

I did have a second edition of Warmaster done – it was just not wanted – I figure you just have to move on:)

I think you have to think of WH as just something Jervis and I started – with the Perrys – as a personal project. We wanted to print and produce WAB ourselves originally – but were unable to do so – mostly as GW has proprietry rights in the Warhammer brand of course. We had the money and everything set-up – we didn’t need GW to do it. because of that it was initially set-up as a joint ventue company – with GW having the controlling interest (but doing nothing apart from that).

For some years we (JJ, me, Perrys) ran the whole thing pretty much as we wanted – until it got too big for us to manage – at which point we employed Rob. But we did all the work ourselves – just using our contacts within GW to arrange things like production and printing, and – eventually -despatch – though we did all that ourselves to start with. GW recharged all the handling to us as a third party. At the very beginning we even held the stock ourselves – so the original print run of WAB lived in my garage for quite a while! WH was absorbed into GW mostly for accounting reasons – because GW insisted on retaining ownership the WH accounts had to conform to the same standards as other GW companies (e.g. GW USA) – which meant that the accounts charges actually exceeded any potential profit! In the end GW ended up with something it never really wanted – and only retained ownership of out of consideration to me and Jervis. The Perrys – of course – went off and did their own thing with Perry Mins.

Sorry to see it go – but I’m afraid it never sat comfortable with GW and I think they’ve at least done the decent thing and given up – which – I believe – is what should have happened when Rob went.


Rick is presumably Rick Priestley – and von Peter himself hopes he has has not been taken in by some sort of evil scam!!

Until we meet again …


von Peter himself


3 thoughts on “Another Distinguished Chap … or ADC for short

  1. Thanks for this Your Vonship – I never bother with Yahoo groups so I wouldn’t otherwise have seen this from Rick. I have to say I sympathise. I really like ‘Warmaster Ancients’ as a ruleset, but couldn’t really get on with painting th 10mm figures they were designed for – but I am as happy as a pig in mud with ‘Hail Caesar’, so every cloud has a silver lining. The WH ‘Trafalgar’ rules were also a hit with me, its a shame they won’t be supported.

  2. Howdies over there Sparkles. You may be able to get a degree of support for the WH Trafalgar rules on The Captains Table which describes itself as …

    “This is a discussion group for Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar by Mark Latham and Matt Hutson. This group provides official support for the game, with visits from the author.”

    Of course it is a Yahoo group! 8O)

    Best of luck.

    von Peter himself

    • Yes, I find the whole thing odd. I actually like the WH-Waterloo game, it’s only major failure is lack of support. The Yahoo group unfortunately are a bit of a failure.

      I also have Trafalgar and WH Ancients, but never have played.

      I can not tell if from RP’s note on whether they will be picked up, it would be a pity if it were not so.


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