The coup de grâce for the Calpe Miniatures route march French infantry

von Peter himself is pleased to bring you another photo review. Yet more Calpe Miniatures French.

  • F15 – Route march foot officers in bicorns
  • F17 – The so called “cherry on the icing” pack
  • F18 – Regimental Headquarters

F15 is really a catch up pack that should have been got months ago. But von Peter himself has it now so he can rest in peace! 

Packs F17 and F18 will possibly be the fitting coup de grâce for the French Infantry Route March range … even though there will likely be a pack or so of officers etc to allow the creation of light infantry battalions yet to come. Roll on the French March Attack figures.

Click here to see the review … then rush out and order yourself some Calpe French. You know you want need to!!  


von Peter himself