Bavarian Kronprinz Chevauleger

Another Napoleonic Bavarian unit has rolled off the joint production line of Nigel Fun-nell (figures) and von Peter himself (horses & basing). Don’t forget to click on the picture above to see a larger and more illuminating version. The figures are from Front Rank Figurines.

The ‘men’ marched into Schloss von Peter at the same time as the ‘men’ of the 1st Bavarian Light Battalion back in earlyish April. Once the light infantry were based horse trials commenced with the Coat d’arms Horse Tones paint set. From then on horses have trotted off the experimental production/stud(!) lines in a haphazard manner until at last the complete regiment was mounted. And now they are based as well and chomping at the bit for a spot of the little wars.

For his Bavarians it is the design of von Peter himself to replicate Generalmajor Beckers brigade from the 29th (Bavarian) Division while they were still fighting for the French as part of Marshal Oudinot’s XII Corps in 1813. Attached is the Corps asset of a Bavarian chevauleger regiment which historically was a combined regiment. But von Peter’s orderly brain found such a creation repugnant and instead opted for a complete regiment. The Kronprinz Regiment was selected on account of its black piped red facings … and because of it’s cool name!!  

In total the Bavarians garrisoned at Schloss von Peter and ready for deployment have now been recruited up to …

  • a command stand
  • a light battalion
  • 2 line battalions (1 each from von Peter himself and The son & heir)
  • a chevauleger regiment
  • a foot battery

More are on their way including a couple of ADCs and a second command stand all of which also arrived with the light battalion and the chevaulegers. More horse painting to come then.

To see more of the Bavarians of von Peter himself then head over to the Bavarian Army Inspection page on the soon – end of June 2012 – to be deceased website. Hopefully the replacement site will be in existence by then.

A battalion from another of the Confederation of the Rhine nations is well on its way to completion as well so the mutterings to be heard from The Bastion (the gaming room) are taking on definite Germanic tones.

Of course several units speaking with a Yankee twang need to be created in the next few months as well so that von Peter himself will have more than just a command stand to place on the table in a scheduled game … and to keep the growing horde of The son & heir’s southern rebs in their place! And von Peter himself is well known for his glacial painting rate so interesting times beckon.


von Peter himself


13 thoughts on “Bavarian Kronprinz Chevauleger

  1. Lovely unit, von P.

    These aren’t the la Bricole painting comp entry, are they? Or are they the ones nearing completion referred to in the post?

    • Hello Rosbif

      No, they are not the la Bricole painting competition entry unit. The Kronprinz Chevauleger are the exclusive property of von Peter himself whereas the la Bricole unit – the König Chevauleger – was the entry of The sin & heir.

      Sadly the König Chevauleger have not moved on at all from what was seen on la Bricole. Other units have come and gone but the König Chevauleger remain unloved and just clutter up our shared painting table!!! 8O)

      Later in the year we may play some 200th anniversary 1812 in Russia games. It is looking likely that The son & heir will be a Bavarian commander in these so it may be that The son & heir will see the benefit of completing the König Chevauleger and a battalion or two of Bavarian infantry. He has managed to complete a Bavarian line infantry battalion though – see Before the 1812 games though is the ACW game so he will be busy building his Rebs for that game. It’s all go at Schloss von Peter!

      The other Germanic Napoleonic unit nearing completion is to remain an official mystery. And it’s not von Peter’s la Bricole entry – the firing line landwehr battalion. Really the residents of Schloss von Peter put in a particularly poor effort in that painting competition.

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Burkhard. I’m glad you’ve found the new blog.

      At the rate you were churning out units I hate to think how many nations and periods you’ll have by the end of the decade. I am envious of your productivity.

      von Peter himself

      • Hi Peter,

        Stumbled over it by accident. I have to say it is a good idea. While your old site was good it was kind of hard to keep track of. So I am really lookimgmforward to it.

        And my output is not that high either. The ancients and Russians (except for the Assault Engineers and three T34s were all painted over the past three years.

    • Hello Ralph. It’s good to see that you’ve found here.

      I’m to be evicted from my current site by Apple as they will cease hosting sites come the end of June. So this here blog will replace the ‘Orders of the day’ bloggish area of my current site. I intend to launch a regular new website to replace the rest of the my current site and have obtained the domain name with which to name it. I shall attempt to keep people apraised of where I’m at!

      And re the banner picture. A random picture is chosen from around 8 (at the moment) to be displayed. Hopefully it keeps things interesting.

      And last … but not least … when are you going to come over to NZ for a visit? We owe you a bunch of hospitality!

      von Peter himself

      • Yes I noticed the floating banner after I’d posted! Der! But yes I was particularly taken with the Russian one, perhaps given my current interest. Thanks for the invite, your Vonship, I will mention to the Long Haired Brigadier and we will certainly take you up on it at some point – We are resolved to forsake Europe for Aus and the Land of the Long White Cloud, so we will pitch up on your doorstep eventually!

        • Yes, the Russian photo did come out well. A luck of the draw sort of thing when it comes to my photography.

          And excellent Ralph. We’ll look forward to a visitation to The Land of the Long White Cloud in the fullness of time.

          von Peter himself

  2. BTW, love the recent set of Calpe phots. As I think I’ve mentioned before, that wash you do really brings out the detail of these lovelies! I just love the nonchalant Adjutant lounging on his cane! But aren’t Adjutants supposed to be trememdously busy people always scurrying around with a clipboard? Or perhaps he is an Adjutant in the French meaning of the term, an RSM in anglo saxon terminology? In which case his rather louche pose explains a lot about the appearance of his charges!

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