The son & heir’s first Confederate Regiment

The picture above is of The son & heir’s first Confederate unit – destined to be a Louisiana regiment apparently. <Click> on the photograph to see a larger image.

The more sharp eyed of you will have noticed that the unit does not have a flag under which to fight. This will come as part of another stand once some flags are procured from GMB Designs. And when it does one of these stands will be posted to another regiment. The exigencies of war!

Perry plastics apart from the officer, drummer and casualty which are Perry metals.

The son & heir is roughly halfway through his next Rebel regiment while von Peter himself has sloshed some blue on three Union figures for his first regiment. D’oh! At this rate the South will have the manpower advantage! On the plus side von Peter himself will soon be unveiling his latest Napoleonic unit. Hurrah!!


von Peter himself


9 thoughts on “The son & heir’s first Confederate Regiment

    • Thank you for your kind words Rob. The son & heir was off school feeling under the weather the day you posted your comment and it helped to cheer him up and put a ‘smile on his dial’.

      von Peter himself

      • Hello Rob

        Thank for your kind words.

        Erm … I have a vague recollection on how I did the blue. I started with a coat of andrea colour napoleonic blue followed by the gw blue wash. Then I believe I did a light drybrush of space wolves grey.

        • Thanks. I am always on the lookout for new color combinations. I’m especially interested in how you and your father do the Union blue pants, since it is an awkward shade of sky-blue.

          The only criticism I have is the lack of eyes, but that is a matter of personal taste. I prefer them, and find they are a much less daunting prospect than many realize, but I also recognize that many do not feel the same way.

          Are these the Perry plastic infantry?

          • Hi Rob

            Yes, Perry plastics apart from the officer, drummer and casualty which are Perry metals.
            The son & heir is well on his way to completing his 2nd unit and has also trialed a couple of the Perry’s plastic Zouaves. He reports the Zouaves as being much better and more detailed figures. Not a surprise really considering the extra experience gained with plastic figures since that first set of ACW Infantry. The down side will be the increased detail expecting to be painted!

            von Peter himself

          • That’s good to see. I am thinking about using the Perry plastics for pre-1869 US Infantry out west, and I’m heartened to see they are in poses other than marching.

            Keep up the good work!

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