Old news – a night with the Perry brothers

Even with all the various excitements in Schloss von Peter it would still unforgivable not to flaunt a night out with the famed Alan and Michael Perry. Especially when one lives in Wellington, New Zealand which happens to be a long l-o-n-g way from Nottingham in the UK. Happily this social gathering is turning into an annual event as the Perrys make their way down under to meet with us … and since they’re here they often pop in to see Peter Jackson (of film making fame) and his cronies. Or is it the other way around?!  

Whichever way around it is the brothers always seem to be enthusiastic, cheerful and full of interesting information and insights. Being insiders in the wargaming industry they must of necessity suffer many questions from the NZ colonials about the hobby. As a bonus this time around the colonials were hosting the Perrys not long after Salute 2012 which just prompted additional inquisitorial interrogations.

But one should not assume that the questioning and commenting was all one way. The Perry’s relived their WWI flying escapades over in the Wairarapa (a region over the hill from Wellington) and other dark and mysterious histories from their past. All of this over beer, food … and more beer!

In von Peter’s estimation it was a dashed fine Monday evening out on the town and this seems to have been the widely held view. Surprisingly even the Perrys seemed to enjoy themselves … which speaks volumes for their innate inner happiness!

There was a fly in the ointment for some however. With the Perry’s busy schedule it was agreed that the meet would be held on a Monday night … which precluded the inclusion of several of the younger generation <cough – including The son & heir – cough>. But as is their way the Perrys came bearing gifts. In this case a box each of their just released plastic Mounted Men at Arms 1450-1550 and Russian Napoleonic Infantry 1809-14. These were feverishly unboxed and passed around the table to various oohs, ahhs and ‘what’s this about’ type comments. Come the end of the evening the sprues were all repacked in their boxes – commendations to Rhys! – and the boxes handed back to the Perrys. Or at least an attempt was made to hand them back. Alan and Michael had absolutely no intention of taking them home so they became gifts. Greg scored the Russians while von Peter himself made an undignified rush for the Mounted Men at Arms. Amongst his other projects The son & heir is slowly building a medieval army using the Perrys medieval plastics and noises had already been made about getting some of these mounted chaps. Voila – immediate compensation for missing the evening.

You should have seen The son & heir’s face when he spied the box sitting on the table the next morning. You should have heard the timorous voice querying whether he might have some of the Men at Arms contained therein. And finally you should have seen the beaming delight on his wee face when informed that they were all his. 


von Peter himself


4 thoughts on “Old news – a night with the Perry brothers

  1. I hope you’ve mentally stored away the debt the Son and Heir now owes you!

    I may have missed how you come to be on first-name terms with the sainted Perrys if you included that story in a previous post. What’s the story behind it?

  2. Yes, it was a great night out with the very personable Perrys. Being so far-flung as we are in New Zealand, it is always great to be able to catch up with what has been happening in the mainstream of the hobby. And a Monday night was perfect, as the pub wasn’t too noisy or crowded and so it made it better for having an enjoyable chat.

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