Better late than never … or … now von Peter himself can build a French battalion complete

von Peter himself has had four packs of French route march battalion command figures from Calpe Miniatures for a while now and has finally bestirred himself into presenting them in photographic format for the world to see. The packs are:

  • F12 – Route march battalion command in campaign dress: officer, drummer, fanion bearer and three NCOs
  • F13 – Route march battalion command in bicorns and covered shakos
  • F14 – Route march foot officers
  • F16 – Route march mounted chef de battalion

The mounted officers pack in particular is welcome as its presence means that von Peter himself can – or at least could if he wasn’t meant to be painting other figures for scheduled games – create battalions as he is accustomed to doing so. That is with a mounted officer bravely leading the way.

Click here to read a little on and view a few pictures of the packs.

And the verdict – more lovely figures from Calpe Miniatures. Despite other priorities a few of the Calpe French may just slip onto a corner of the painting desk. The urge to paint just one more base of Calpe French is strong. Surely a few figures wouldn’t hurt? And of course in these matters von Peter himself is hardly biased at all … as a self confessed Calpe zealot!  


von Peter himself


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