A brand new – and baffling – world

Hello treasured readers. Make yourself comfortable – it’s story time.

<Rant mode on>

Once upon a time there was a wargamer – we shall call him von Peter himself to protect the guilty. He had an Apple iMac computer that came with some rather nifty software called iWeb. This allowed von Peter himself to easily create websites in a what-you-see-is-what-you get manner. Admittedly it created rather clunky code but oh what wonderful websites could be created with very little knowledge required of the creator. Perfect for von Peter himself.

But there’s more! Apple provided web hosting – for a charge of course – that enabled a website created in iWeb to not only be easily hosted but also to have counters and allow visitors to post comments.

Dateline September 2006 – in a rare moment of clarity and decisiveness von Peter himself goes for it putting iWeb and Apple hosting together and officially starts to flaunt his wargaming hobby on the information super highway. Wow, this is the life baby!

Dateline around 2009 – 2011 give or take – Apple appear to have given up on iWeb. It has not been updated for a while now. Some say that iWeb still works. All you need to do is host it on another … err … host. This is true. But then the counters and more importantly the comments will not work. And what’s the point of staying with something that will inevitably cease to be viable eventually. It is not being kept up to date and the computing world moves on at a seemingly ever increasing rate.

Dateline 30 June 2012 – Apple has already released it’s wondrous iCloud. No doubt it’s fantastic for those with good internet access and who can’t manually manage their data across their multiple devices. Not so good for them that host their websites with Apple though because as of 30 June 2012 Apple will host their websites no longer. No question about it. Why Apple will not continue to host websites for a fee under the iCloud umbrella is a mystery to von Peter himself … and many others if the forums are any sort of indication.

So iWeb is effectively a dead duck and the hosting of von Peter’s current website will soon cease to be. Even von Peter himself can read these signs! A change was and is needed for the online presence von Peter himself.

If you’ve never seen it before and it’s still prior to the end of June 2012 then rush over to von Peter’s first and original website

<Rant mode off>

Where you are right now – vonpeterhimself.wordpress.com – is the first part of two in von Peter’s cunning plan for online transformation. This blog replaces the ‘Orders of the day’ bloggish area of von Peters original website. It will link in and out of the second part of  von Peter’s cunning plan for online transformation – a traditional website. A domain name  – vonpeterhimself.com – has been obtained for this website but as yet there is no content. Patience is kindly requested.

For now the facilities of wordpress.com are being investigated and its usage refined. In other words expect the looks around here to alter as ‘things’ are trialled. While von Peters original website lives blog updates here will be mirrored in the ‘Orders of the day’ section over there and vice-versa.

That’s about it for now. More to come regarding the online transformation of von Peter himself. Keep an eye out for it.

Until we meet again …


von Peter himself


4 thoughts on “A brand new – and baffling – world

  1. This looks really clean and appealing. Of course, I’m a fellow WordPress.com enthusiast.

    I think, despite the trouble you’re being put to now, that overall this will be a smart move.

    And finally I can open ‘Orders of the Day’ without waiting for hours (oh well, minutes) for it to download.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Arteis. And a Gold Star for being the first ever external commenter too!

      Yes, the faster download speed is a big plus from the move.

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Martin. Yes the plunge is underway.

      But you raise a conundrum inherent in my strategy – where should external links from sites such as yours link to? Here at the blog or to the website when I get that up & running? There are arguments both ways but my current thinking is that links to here, the blog. Hmmm!

      von Peter himself

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